How to Decorate an Outdoor Room: Create Living Areas From Porches, Patios and Decks

Create an outdoor room that mimics indoor spaces with comfortable furniture, accent lighting and pretty accessories.

As summer kicks into gear, people will inevitably start spending more time outdoors. From sipping coffee in the morning to hosting a dinner party for friends, outdoor spaces need to perform numerous functions. A pretty decorated space to hang out in makes these events more inviting and enjoyable. When creating an outdoor living area, consider what functions the room will serve, and then use these ideas to decorate the space.

Selecting Furniture for an Outdoor Room

Although choosing furniture for any room is a major decision, the selection for outdoor spaces must be comfortable, stylish and able to stand up to environmental elements. Look for fabric that will not fade, materials that easily wash clean and finishes that will not rot or rust. Choose from any or all of these outdoor furniture pieces to make the space livable.

  • Table and chairs
  • Garden bench or loveseat
  • Swing
  • Side tables

After finding major furniture pieces, add in one of these fun accents if there is room left over.

  • Decorative garden stool (Use this as a side table, foot rest or extra seat.)
  • Plant stand

Accessories for Outdoor Spaces

Many of the accent pieces for an outdoor room come from the plants and flowers surrounding it. Let these bits of nature shine and base all other outdoor decorating decisions around it.

  • Lay an outdoor rug down to define a seating nook. Many stores now sell weather-resistant varieties in beautiful colors and unique materials.
  • Bring in additional pillows for chairs and lounging on the floor. Bright stripes make a simple graphic statement.
  • Place cut flowers and other plants in attractive pots.
  • If the space is covered by an awning or pergola, hang long drapes of outdoor fabric to make it feel more like a room.
  • Hang artwork such as metal plaques or wooden signs on a wall if one is available.

Lighting for Outdoor Spaces

Of course, during the day, light for outdoor rooms is not an issue. Sometimes, however, the fun just gets started after the sun goes down, so appropriate lighting is definitely a must-have. Here are a few options that are pretty and practical.

  • Candles Candlelight casts a forgiving glow on everything. Place them on tables fro surface light and hang them around the space in lanterns for overall illumination.
  • String lights Not just for holidays, these small bulbs now suit any occasion. Find them in different styles to match the d├ęcor, and then hang them around the perimeter of the room.
  • Lamps If electrical plugs are available, just bring out some table lamps. They will bring ample light and an indoor atmosphere to the room.

With the right furniture, lighting an accessories, any outdoor space becomes the perfect room to live in all summer long. When decorated just right, you may never want to come inside.