How to Decorate an Outdoor Room: Create Living Areas From Porches, Patios and Decks

Create an outdoor room that mimics indoor spaces with comfortable furniture, accent lighting and pretty accessories.

As summer kicks into gear, people will inevitably start spending more time outdoors. From sipping coffee in the morning to hosting a dinner party for friends, outdoor spaces need to perform numerous functions. A pretty decorated space to hang out in makes these events more inviting and enjoyable. When creating an outdoor living area, consider what functions the room will serve, and then use these ideas to decorate the space.

Selecting Furniture for an Outdoor Room

Although choosing furniture for any room is a major decision, the selection for outdoor spaces must be comfortable, stylish and able to stand up to environmental elements. Look for fabric that will not fade, materials that easily wash clean and finishes that will not rot or rust. Choose from any or all of these outdoor furniture pieces to make the space livable.

  • Table and chairs
  • Garden bench or loveseat
  • Swing
  • Side tables

After finding major furniture pieces, add in one of these fun accents if there is room left over.

  • Decorative garden stool (Use this as a side table, foot rest or extra seat.)
  • Plant stand

Accessories for Outdoor Spaces

Many of the accent pieces for an outdoor room come from the plants and flowers surrounding it. Let these bits of nature shine and base all other outdoor decorating decisions around it.

  • Lay an outdoor rug down to define a seating nook. Many stores now sell weather-resistant varieties in beautiful colors and unique materials.
  • Bring in additional pillows for chairs and lounging on the floor. Bright stripes make a simple graphic statement.
  • Place cut flowers and other plants in attractive pots.
  • If the space is covered by an awning or pergola, hang long drapes of outdoor fabric to make it feel more like a room.
  • Hang artwork such as metal plaques or wooden signs on a wall if one is available.

Lighting for Outdoor Spaces

Of course, during the day, light for outdoor rooms is not an issue. Sometimes, however, the fun just gets started after the sun goes down, so appropriate lighting is definitely a must-have. Here are a few options that are pretty and practical.

  • Candles Candlelight casts a forgiving glow on everything. Place them on tables fro surface light and hang them around the space in lanterns for overall illumination.
  • String lights Not just for holidays, these small bulbs now suit any occasion. Find them in different styles to match the décor, and then hang them around the perimeter of the room.
  • Lamps If electrical plugs are available, just bring out some table lamps. They will bring ample light and an indoor atmosphere to the room.

With the right furniture, lighting an accessories, any outdoor space becomes the perfect room to live in all summer long. When decorated just right, you may never want to come inside.

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Dorm Room Decorating: Ideas for the College Student’s New Home

Congratulations! Going off to college is a major accomplishment and important time in anyone’s life. You are now officially “on your own” and your first step, even before cracking the books, is to get your new home life in order. The tiny room in your dorm (that you probably are sharing with someone else) is your home base for the next nine months. Here are some ideas on how to make it comfortable and cool.

First off, know all the rules for your dormitory. There may be rules about what can be put on walls, whether or not you can paint (probably not), what is allowed on windows, and so forth. Familiarize yourself with your dorm’s restrictions before buying anything.

Second, consider your roommate. Your room will be an expression of yourself so make sure you are not mispresenting yourself. Make it friendly to your roommate, don’t crowd their space. If you already have been told who he/she is going to be, give them a call or write them a letter to get to know them and give them an idea of what you will be doing to the room. There may only be room for one throw rug or easy chair, so there is no reason for you both to show up with an item that you have no space for.

That aside, be creative and have fun. Express yourself and make it a place you will love coming home to after a hard day of hitting the books.

  • Bedding – This is where you will make the largest impact. The bed takes up most of your room, so make it lively with color. Also beware that some dorm beds require extra long sheets. You can find these at Target and Linens N Things, among other places. For girls, bright citrus colors are popular at the moment, and will draw the eye to your bed as the focal point in the room.
  • Pillows – Most beds have to double as the couch for visitors, so get some throw pillows to line up along the long edge of the bed. It add color and pattern and is much nicer to look at than a cement block wall.
  • Throw Rug – The flooring in most dorms is old industrial carpet or cold hard tile. (Asbestos, if you’re lucky!) So add more color and excitement to the room with a big soft area rug.
  • Chair – Odds are you will have room for one chair, if any at all. Inexpensive cushion chairs can be found in popular colors that coordinate with your bedding. Or if you don’t want to spend money on a new chair, borrow an old one from home and cover it with a throw quilt or blanket in an eye-catching color and pattern.
  • Wall Art – This can be tricky because of cement block walls or rules against making holes. There are hangers that can be stuck to the wall and easily removed – these are found at hardware or home improvement stores. Then you are free to hang your artwork. Buy a big canvas from a craft store and have all your old friends help in decorating it so you can look at it and remember them when they are hundreds of miles away.
  • Windows – Your window will probably consist of one plastic-y old curtain, or maybe built in blinds if your dorm is a bit newer. Skip hanging other curtains which gets expensive and needs a curtain rod and holes, and decorate the window with peel and stick stained glass pictures or buy large letters and send messages to the kids in the dorm across from you.
  • Door – Welcome people to your room with a dry erase or chalk board. They can leave messages or you can leave outgoing messages. Interact with the other kids on your floor by having a daily poll, such as “What is your best class so far?” or “What is the worst food in the cafeteria?”
  • Closet Organization – Put your closet to work. You need to store your clothes, jackets, shoes, backpack, sports equipment, extra sheets, towels, bathroom supplies and more. Find out the measurements of your closet so you can get items that fit exactly. Buy back of the door organizers too. Don’t forget you need a laundry hamper and a place to store detergent and dryer sheets, and a bathroom caddy to tote all your goods to the bathroom each day.
  • Lighting – An overhead light and a light by the desk is probably already in the room, but buy a little mood lighting in the form of a small lamp with a unique shade. It is also handy to have something that will direct the light in just one place, so you can study while your bunkmate is sleeping.

Enjoy your year in the dorm and good luck at school!

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Tips on Teen Decorating: Key Steps in Interior Decorating for Teens

A child’s bedroom is a very special place, it’s one spot in the home that is his and lets him express his own identity and sometimes even helps him find it. Letting your child have some say in the decorating scheme of his bedroom is very important and can go a long way toward making your child feel welcome and accepted at home.

Victoria Jarvis from teaches a class for teens that helps them explore how to best approach their interior decorating ideas and gives them some practical tips. This course is great for teens as their ideas can often exceed practical limitations and an organized breakdown of the steps involved can bring them back to reality.

The first step is to set up a needs list. What does your child like about her room and what does she want to change? This is the brainstorming part of the process where she can list what she has, what she needs, and what she wants.

Next is the budget. Back to reality, it’s time to start pricing the items needed and wanted and see what actually falls into the budget. To get the most accurate list of prices you should take some measurements so you know what size the accessories need to be.

Then it’s time to let the fantasy and the reality collide and a practical plan can be developed. Look at the price of the “needs” items and then determine how much is left for the “wants” items. It may be hard for your child to let go of some of her dream accessories but remind her that she will have a birthday and holiday gifts and she could earn the money to purchase these items later (A little lesson in personal finance, anyone?)

The next step is one that Victoria touts as the “fun part”. She helps the kids make a room plan where they measure their rooms and the accessories and staples and then play online with a space planner program that lets them virtually rearrange their room until they get exactly the look they want and one that actually fits their living space.

Finally all of the information is gathered and a storyboard is created that the kids can give to their parents or guardians to let them know exactly what the child expects, and to prove that the expectations are reasonable, and that the budget has been taken into consideration. If you’re working with your child then you don’t need to create this storyboard but you might want him to take it this extra step because it’s a good exercise in putting his ideas together.

As a side note, many schools no longer offer home economics courses; by letting your child create his own plan, design and budget for decorating his bedrooms you can take over those lessons and help your child become better prepared for college life or for his first apartment.

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Best Recliner Chairs

The moment you complete your work and heading toward home for repose and looking to relax, you don’t want to sit in an uncomfortable chair or a hard chair. The recliner is one of the greatest invention ever made and has been relaxing people for decades. Recliner chairs are a great addition to any house.

This chair can be used as decor in office room or in a residing room while giving the final consolation you want to unwind. Getting the quality recliner chair is easy but choosing the right recliner for your need and for your room is a quite challenging job because there are many popular brands which is available in the market. These are some of the best recliner chairs which is available in the market which gives ultimate comfort and style. 

Magic Union Power Lift Massage Recliner

This is one of the best recliner ever made. It gives you a optimum comfort and relaxation. This recliner has made from PU leather and has vibrating nodes for the sniff and stiff muscles. It has total five message points and the integrated powerlifting mechanism will allow you to push the entire recliner chair up from its base. This recliner is proved to be best for seniors to stand up without having to strain their back.

Wayfair Alcott Hill Henley Recliner Chair 

This recliner chair will tick every box that you looking for. This classically designed recliner chair is made of faux leather which gives ultimate comfort, super stylish, ease of assembly and overall value. This recliner can angle up to 120 degrees and have 2 type of position. It is available in six different colors and nearly weighs 300lb.

Homelegance Glider Reclining Chair

This reclining chair comes from the house of Homelegance is look very stylish looking and specific recliner with a lot of features and will make certain to add a brand new light to any residing room. It’s plush seating, robust bonded leather upholstery, and gliding movement make this chair the precise spot for a workplace and professional environment. It comes with a bonded leather aggregate of 74% polyester, 18% leather, and 8% cotton. If you’re satisfied with the quality and look of the chair, you can get the matching loveseat and sofa to complete the collection.

Dorel Slim Recliner Chair 

This is one of the best leather recliner chairs on our list. This is very comfortable to use and the chair has a durable construction. One of the satisfactory functions is the truth that it has extensive arms and thickly padded arms. The best thing about the recliner that it is very affordable but the only thing stuck is that it is very small for some users.

Deluxe Heavily Padded Microfiber Kids Recliner

This one is very popular in the market. For those who want to add little spice in their kid’s room, then it will be a perfect low price gift for your children’s birthday or in a Christmas. The upholstery is made with a fine brown microfiber and it is easy to clean and made with children in mind in case accidents happen. The arms include storage capability so children can store things away in them and retrieve them for later use.

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